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Welcome to lavapix.com

The home of Fine Art photography by Bryan Lowry

Take your time and explore the vast collection of images I've captured in my 30+ years of living in Hawaii. Also from my travels. I set my website to be much more then a simple way to view my images. I want your visit to be an adventure by visiting my world out here on this big rock in the middle of the pacific ocean. While the volcano is by far my specialty, it's not the only place I explore.

Be sure and visit the various pages within this website for great insight on who I am and what I do. A visit to my "Adventures" tab will tell the story behind some of my more memorable hikes. Actually nearly all of the pages tell a story to some degree.

It's recommended that you visit the FAQ page sometime during your visit to this website.

I hope you take the time to explore my website and you enjoy your visit. Please do comment on images that catch your eye and anything else you see while here. Be sure to share my website with your friends via the social network buttons. You can also sign up for my newsletter below. Its infrequent and always relevant to my work. If you open an account you can save your favorite images and you will automatically be added to the newsletter emailing list. Opening an account is easy to do. Click the "Sign in" link at the top of this page and register. This is the same place current account holders sign in. Once signed in you can click the "Favorites" link to view your saved images. They will appear at the bottom of the page.


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One final note that this isn't one of those over hyped lava photographer websites. I really do what I say. If photos were easy to capture I will always say so. When I say an adventure was very difficult or extreme well, they are and no one should attempt to do what I do. There's plenty of Bull and lets say exaggeration all over the internet when it comes to Hawaii lava flow photography. This isn't one of those sites nor am I one of those people. A common phrase is "We or I go where no one else goes". I'm now in my 4th decade of exploring and I spend the majority of my time in the areas where no one else goes that require several hours of fast paced hiking to reach and the only person I ever see is myself unless I bring a friend along. Also the occasional tour helicopter overhead if its an area of interest. The people in the heli's can vouch for how far one had to hike to reach those areas. I have no sponsors so, any reviews on equipment are genuine. Its an active volcano. There's no need for exaggerations of any kind.

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